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Additional services

MY HOUSE BARCELONA offers its customers a wide range of services, which does not only include a professional selection of residences for rent or for sale.

Due to the fact that our client base is made up mostly of foreign investors, who are more often that not unfamiliar with the every day realities on the ground in Catalonia and who are not always proficient in Spanish or Catalan, we have seen the need to not only help from the legal point of view but also to assist with the following:

  • A selection of nurseries/schools/universities
  • Both capital and aesthetic renovation works
  • Interior design and purchasing furniture (from Spain, Italy and Portugal’s leading manufacturers)
  • Arranging medical and car insurance
  • Arranging appointments with and accompanying you to the doctor
  • Installing video surveillance in your home or apartment
  • Car selection and registration
  • Arranging residency, including Golden Visa
  • A cleaning service and maintenance of your home and any lots

And much, much more

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the billing of our services. We are happy to accept your application and answer any questions you may have.

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