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Renting out

The big cities in Spain like Barcelona or Madrid are always attractive for tourists, students, expats and people who want to live in a warm and sunny climate, that’s why the apartments are not staying in the exposition too long. In case of a correct proportion‘’price-quality’’ it will take from one to two weeks maximum to rent it out.

There are two types of renting in Spain: long term (more than 12 months) and short term rental (up to 11 months).

A long term renting is minimum 1 year, which can be extended to 3 years if the lessor wants to stay for more than 1 year (see the last revision of the law of the LAU (Ley de arrendamientos urbanos).
If you are not sure about how much time you want to stay in the apartment, the better option is a short term rental. In both cases the contract contains documentation datas of the both parties, description of a property with attached photos of the apartment, in case there is expensive furniture or equipment inside.

If the content of the house was damaged (furniture, equipment, finishing materials), the money for repairing or buying a new piece of furniture or equipment will be deducted from the deposit, which is usually an amount of 2 months renting price and is refunded back when the contract is finished.

About the utilities: annual tax for the property (IBI) and utility services (comunidad) are always paid by the owner and the expenses for water, gas, electricity and internet – by the tenant. All the payments can be automatically connected to the account of the tenant or can be paid by him in the cashbox of his bank. Usually the printed invoices are coming every one or two months to a mailbox.

Once you find a tenant feel free to require his working contract or certificate of his payroll. In case of a non-payment of the rent, the awareness of his place of work and information about his earnings means can be useful for you.

Our team will provide you a professional assistance during the whole process of the preparation of a renting contract in order to protect all your rights properly.

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